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Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 09:15 ET

Hi fellows.
Im looking for drawings of a belt sander similar to the one on the pic.
Grizzly has one that is cheap but only in 115v .

Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 10:12 ET

That's a nice looking sander. should be able to look at the picture and build one. Start with a motor and belt the size you want to run and fill in every thing between. Rubber coated wheels are great but are not needed. A slight curve on the wheels will help the belt to track, also will need an adjustment for tracking on the idel wheel.
 I have a small 1X42 that I have been using for years but it has some type of gear drive and is very hard on the ears. You don't need a lot of HP as there is not much pressure on the belt. Let the belt do the grinding, if you put to much pressure on it then you wear the belt faster and build up more heat.

Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 10:46 ET

check this out.  you'll have to scale it to the belt size you want to use, but it's a start.


Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 10:59 ET

Here's a link to a page on a pretty nice home built 2"x72" belt grinder and below is a simple schematic of a slightly different version.

The three wheel type belt grinders allow for the use of a longer belt and the longer the belt is, the fewer problems you have with heat build-up.

HTH . . . Doug

Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 11:59 ET

Thank you guys, I new I could count on you.
Two questions though.
1.Do all (both) the wheels need to be curved? Seem to recall that the rubber wheels arn┤nt.

2.If I were to use no rubber wheel wouldnd it need much more streching of the belt?

Thanks again.
Íssi Iceland.

Posted: Dec. 28 2005, 15:21 ET

the wheels on mine are plastic and all 3 have a small curve. The curve is like the old flat belt drive before V belts, keeps the belt running true.

Posted: Dec. 29 2005, 09:07 ET

I have built a 2" X 72" belt sander. I will take a photo of it today and see if I cac post it. It is made mostly out of scrap that I had lying about and some that I scrounged. The small pulley/tracking adjustment was purchased fron a knife making supply company for about $70 as I remember. It has a convex surface to center the belt. The other wheel is made from a large aluminum (8") caster wheel. It originally had a hard plastic tire on it that was also slightly convex. This would probably have worked well but a large chunk of plastic was missing. I simply removed the remainder of the plastic and epoxied on a 3/16 strip of neoprene gasket material. This made the face of this wheel flat. I have no tracking problems and the machine has served me well for several years. I will be happy to answer any questions as I believe everyone should have on of these.

Posted: Dec. 29 2005, 10:02 ET

Thanks again guys.
One more question.
I can buy a 4" wide belt sander here but I need a 2". Could I just put a 2" belt on it?
Íssi Iceland.

Posted: Jan. 14 2006, 12:48 ET

i found another link:

click here

hope it helps