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Posted: Jan. 19 2006, 10:10 ET

I'm looking for data on wildcat cartridges that take .50 BMG bullets, but are made from RUM, Jeffrey, or .338 Lapua cases, or perhaps similar cases.  I want the dimensions of the cartridges, like what you would find in the NRA's handloading book.

Posted: Jan. 20 2006, 19:47 ET

I have the drawing for the modified 50 bmg round, 50 DTC Europ. It is a fireformed fatter and shorter version.

Posted: Jan. 21 2006, 08:25 ET

I have no dimensions to offer, but maybe this will get the creative juices flowing...


Posted: Jan. 21 2006, 11:23 ET

I am working on one now based on a RSAUM case but will move it to the RAUM to get more capacity.

Posted: Jan. 21 2006, 15:28 ET

Isn't anything over .50 considered a destructive device. Maybe the wildcat should be called the .499999999999 super, IT MIGHT AVOID  ABC AGENCY ATTENTION

Posted: Jan. 21 2006, 22:28 ET

The .50 BMG bullet is actually .510" in diameter.  The bore of a .50 BMG barrel is .50", and the rifling is .510".  The law restricts rifles with bores over .50".  IIRC, the .50/70, .50/90, .50/100 and .50/110 all have .510 bullets, while .50 AE and .500 S&W have .50 bullets.  The bore diameter, and not the bullet diameter is what counts when it comes to GCA laws.

Posted: Feb. 11 2006, 03:27 ET



Posted: Feb. 13 2006, 16:52 ET

There is also teh possibility of getting an "sporting use" exemption -- which they DO sometimes issue, when the sole criteria for classifying something as a "destructive device" is bore size.