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Posted: Apr. 11 2006, 21:46 ET

I have a Lakefield Arms Model 64B .22 LR rifle.  Its almost a duplicate of the savage model 64F.  I need to know if Savage parts are interchangable with lakefield parts.  Especially the Barrel and stock.  Also if interchangable where I could find a quality barrel.

Does anyone know how I would get the barrel off in the first place or would I need to take it to be professionally gunsmithed to replace it.

From what I have found Lakefield arms was bought out by savage arms around 10 years ago.

Posted: Apr. 11 2006, 23:22 ET

An internet search indicates that they appear to be interchangeable.

My brother actually has a similar model.  The barrel is actually incredibly easy to remove.

And here is the official manual.

Just follow the disassembly instructions in it.  You don't need a padded vice, though.  Just be sure to pull the barrel straight out without twisting it.

In the manual, there are different part numbers for the reciever and for the heavy barrel reciever, so it is unlikely that you will be able to fit a heavy barrel onto a regular reciever.  It can't hurt to contact savage and ask, though.  I could be wrong.

Posted: Apr. 12 2006, 10:51 ET

Lakefield was a Canadian manufacturer of small-bore rifles which was taken over by Savage, in 1995, and became Savage Arms Canada, Inc.

Your 64B is an exact copy of the Savage 64F and all parts should interchange.

All good . . . Doug

Posted: Jun. 15 2006, 22:20 ET

Actually the 64  was a Canadian Cooey model 64 with plastic magazine then the 64B with the present metal magazine. Cooey was bought out by Winchester and they made the WINCHESTER-COOEY model 64 B, until they closed the plants in Canada and sold the rights to Lakefield , a subsidiary of MOSSBERG and they made the 64 in various letters. Then Savage got the rights , the only changes I have seen are the very early COOEY 64's had a plastic mag , later Lakefield and Savage have a external lever safety and some models have a heavy barrel.To remove the barrel,remove the stock, then remove a large screw at the front of the action which holds a U shaped piece that holds the front of the magazine housing and the barrel in place , then pull the barrel forward out of the receiver. You will have to remove the mag housing screws and probably the trigger mechanism. to remove the bolt after the barrel is out ,move bolt ahead to one of the grooves and then pull cocking handle out to the right ,bolt should slide out barrel hole. It is not difficult , just watch how it comes apart so you can put it back together. When the barrel is pulled out there is an ejecter that is inserted into a slot on the side of the barrel observe how it fits so you can put it back right. NUMRICH GUN PARTS had parts for the COOEY  listed . As to getting a quality barrel probably the best would be one of the heavy barrels from SAVAGE, I can't think of any private company making a match barrel for a low end semiauto, a match barrel for a 10-22 , yes, they are everywhere.