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Posted: Aug. 5 2007, 01:41 ET

Is there a link on how to build the CZ26 somewhere?
I've got the kit, and the tube. Just looking for some info.
BTW, type 07/ClassII

Posted: Aug. 5 2007, 13:00 ET

hmmmm... I guess with the licenses in hand you could build a sample? Hmmm... I don't know of any instructions though. Seems like with the license would come the experience to build the thing?

Posted: Aug. 6 2007, 00:21 ET

LOL, they dont include courses on European machine gun restoration in the liscense packet.
The issue I wanted to know is how the reciever and the trunnion are secured.
I was hoping someone had built one before(sample or semi)

Posted: Aug. 7 2007, 19:21 ET

A lil bird once told me something about a nice TIG weld. Wait maybe I dreamed that.....

Posted: Aug. 7 2007, 20:14 ET

Check this link, maybe someone there can help. It looks like they have built semis. :)

CZ 26 build

Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 13:43 ET

That link doesn't work.

Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 15:28 ET

Hi, coctailer.  You escaped the OR HTF? :D

You might try contacting Troy Sellars at InRange -- I recall seeing a post sample cz for sale on his website a few years ago -- maybe he could give you some advice?

Posted: Nov. 23 2007, 17:43 ET

From what I have seen of the parts kit that where available, it was spot welded together. The pistol grip was spot welded to the tube aswell, as the trunnion. If rebuilding from a kit I'm sure by drilling out the spot welds and using a good MiG or Tig weld to fill in the hole while making sure to penetrate the weld into the tube would work fine and by dressing the weld with a file it should look like a factory built gun. The receiver stub that is left on the trunnion would probably be best to use a lathe and turn it down to remove from trunnion.
 hope this is a help to you