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Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 13:47 ET

While I was waiting for the sandman to arrive last night I had this thought.  .22 bp rifle.  An inline, with a nipple threaded right into the back of the barrel.  Use .22 pellets for slugs or cast your own round ball.  Seems to me that you could use just a nipple and shoot it in the garage.  For hunting or plinking add a little bp.  Looking for reasons why I shouldn't waste my time building something like this.


Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 14:34 ET

The nay-sayers will tell you it is because small bores and blackpowder fouling don't go well together.  Good thing I'm not a nay-sayer :D

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 15:59 ET

Quote (Cobbler @ Jan. 03 2008,14:34)
The nay-sayers will tell you it is because small bores and blackpowder fouling don't go well together.  Good thing I'm not a nay-sayer :D

What about all those Golden Age .30 rifles?

I say if you enjoy building them, then do it and let us know how it works out!


Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 16:04 ET

NAA makes a BP .22 revolver.
The bullets they sell are pretty cheap

If you are going to use primer propellant only, don't make the barrel too long. You might also build around 409 primers.
But a replacement breachplug from a CVA inline and reduce the OD to your needs.

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 17:15 ET

i doubt that a #11 cap would launch any projectile very far if at all, but a 209 shotgun primer should. if you're shooting indoors why not use .22 cal pellets and  a primer?


Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 18:47 ET

wasn't there discussion of a parlor pistol or something....177 caliber maybe, a while back.  It was the same kind of thing I believe.  I still like the idea.  Why not, just be sure to post pics.

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 21:07 ET

Once saw a guy at the range,, with a small .22 ML pistol that he built. Used a piece of barrel liner,, screwed the nipple straight into the bore.. loaded it with 2 - 4 grns 4F powder,, and used .22 pellets..he was shooting targets at 25 yrds ,, it shot really well!!

I've thought of making a single shot version.. kinda looking like the old Ruger Mk1's.. that would use just a shotgun 209 primer,, to shoot pellets with ...

So I say,, WHY NOT??  :thumbs:

Respect Always

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 23:00 ET

Quote (Cobbler @ Jan. 03 2008,14:34)
The nay-sayers will tell you it is because small bores and blackpowder fouling don't go well together.  Good thing I'm not a nay-sayer :D

Me neither ! I think it would be a great waste of time. Been thinking about it myself.

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 23:04 ET

This guy made an electrically-fired, black powder breech loading rifle in .22 cal.
It's a little different than what your thinking of but perhaps his website would prove useful.

Posted: Jan. 4 2008, 05:28 ET

has about parlor pistol balistics i do not think #11 cap is powerful enough but a musket cap might

Posted: Jan. 11 2008, 10:27 ET

A percussion cap + 1 .22 short case full of FFFF + 1 ea .22 air rifle pellet = LOADS OF FUN!!

Dixie Gun Works mentions in their catalogue, you can make neat BP scoops from old fired brass, soldered onto a stiff copper wire handle.  Works great.  You don't need to fill the .22 short all the way; that's lots of powder for an air rifle pellet.  What you can do is solder the wire to the base of the case, then progressively cut the OAL of the case down until you get a scoop that performs well.  Have fun!  Easy to shoot in a garage or basement into a homemade pellet trap.  You will smell like Davy Crockett when you are done.

Oh yes, you can make a kick-ass .22BP barrel from an old .22 air rifle bbl.

Posted: Jan. 11 2008, 17:19 ET

In old Gun Digest books there vere guns called Cabanas. Made in Brazil they shot .177 pellets in front of ,22 blanks.
Not excactly the same but something I have thought about.
A percussion cap wont be enaugh.
I once tryed shooting ,22 pellets out of ,22 Hornet shells with only the primer. They made it out of the barrel but would not even dent a pine board at point blank range.

But as far as wasting time I think all of us here are "wasting" time for that matter. Its just so much fun making guns.
Go for it.

Posted: Jan. 12 2008, 01:50 ET

i have a hornet, and use the primer/pellet trick, but i drill the pocket out to allow a shotgun primer to be used. the power level is approaching 22 short level, and the pellet hitting the target makes more noise than rhe gun going off!

Posted: Jan. 23 2008, 19:47 ET

Hell, get a Lothar Walther .22 air rifle barrel, use percussion cap or 209 primer, a few grains of 4F, and a 28.6 grain Eun Jin (made for precharged pneumatic air rifles, the kind you charge from a 3500 psi scuba tank) pellets. They'll hold up better than standard .22 air rifle pellets under those conditions.
You can also use Crosman Premier .22 pellets, very affordable, very high quality, and they seem to be a lead alloy, instead of pure lead. They also have thicker heads and skirts, making them less likely to blow out the head or blow off the skirt.
Can you tell I've thought about this.
For a more affordable barrel,  Order part number 2200C007 from Crosman,(1-800-7AIRGUN) It's a barrel for a Crosman 2200 Magnum. You can use it as a barrel liner in a sleeved barrel assembly, for the needed strength. They cost between $5.00 and $10.00. I'd say about 18" in length.

Posted: Jan. 23 2008, 21:24 ET

do they only sell cb s in Texas or what have you guys not shot subsonic 22s in your backyard or even garage for that matter they all have no powder just the 22 primer and about 1000 feet a second




Posted: Jan. 24 2008, 09:11 ET

In TX for neighbor friendly shooting, I rely on this:


But you can get subsonic, and all of the CB/BB caps you want from a place like Cabela's, or mail order.  They do make a big difference.

Seriously, I think most people in NFA-friendly states don't realize how easy it is to get or build a silencer, especially for those of us who have machine tools and the skills to build one.  Here's what you do.

1) Fill out a BATFE Form 1 "Apllication to make a firearm" which is used for a homemade suppressor.  Fill it out, and either get your local sheriff to sign off, or better yet, create a State corporation online like an LLC.  If you do it online, you'll become a bonafide corporation and have the papers in your hands in less than a week.  Going the corporate route, you get to bypass the sheriff.  Send in a check for $200.

Then, about 6 weeks later, you get the approved Form 1.  Now you get to build a silencer!

I realize I've drifted this thread - sorry - but somehow we got into quiet shooting.  Try making a silencer.  They're cool, and really effective.  Actually quieter than most spring air guns.

Posted: Jan. 27 2008, 07:49 ET

There used to be a black powder .22 rifle sold that used round shot, and fired with paper tape caps. Very cheap, it was astonishingly cheap shooting for a kid.

I would love to find one of those!

Posted: Jan. 28 2008, 18:04 ET


Are you, by any chance, referring to one of the R.M.A.C. turret guns? They were designed by Dick Casull ( spl? ) and sold under the Rocky Mountain Arms Company banner.. they had the A22, an A36 and somewhere there was even an A44.

The A22 used a single O, lead shot <think that's the one that is about .24? > a few grains of powder and a toy cap. Load it at the breech,, rotate the turret into line and fire!

FWIW, There is an A22W on Gunsamerica,,search RMAC

Respect Always

Posted: Feb. 4 2008, 04:13 ET

Thanks Metalshaper!

I will check it out.  My location makes it difficult for US-based sellers though...