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Posted: Sep. 7 2004, 23:25 ET

Here's a couple of pics of Gunzilla 2, the second of two 971 based "gatling" guns that I was involved in building & fabricating. This particular model is capable of 1600-1700rpm(IIRC) operation, depending on how fast you crank it. It is mounted on an SG43 Goyunov mount. It feeds from 2 Suomi drums, side mounted. The barrels don't rotate, but no one notices that while firing it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of the first Gunzilla, it was much more "vintage" looking(until a SAW buttstock was added) in black finish, had a different dummy barrel arrangement & was(is)slightly slower cycling at 1200-1400rpm. It was briefly shown in SAR, January 2004, Knob Creek Fall Shoot article.

Posted: Sep. 11 2004, 10:27 ET

So that fires through the outer two barrels and the rest are dummies?

The bores look mighty big for what fits in a Soumi magazine.

Hope I don't sound too critical -- that's an amazing piece of work if it fires at all -- but building false features on a gun just doesn't appeal to me.

But I would be very much interested in the mechanism. A two barrelled gun (if my guess is right) would be great too, if stripped of the unnecessary decorations.

Posted: Sep. 11 2004, 18:02 ET

Yes, the two outboard barrels fire 9mm. What you see as barrels are 4130 1" tubing. The aluminum spacers for the tubing are Street Sweeper drum plates. There are two MPA 971 carbines laying on their sides, one port up, the other port down. The original triggers(& fire control) are in the FAL lowers, the triggers are pulled by UHMW trigger bars & can be fired singly by pulling a loop trigger. The UHMW cams trip each trigger twice per revolution for 4 shots total per rev. It really screams.
The eye candy was to get attention. The weapon gets attention when fired anyway. I would like to build one with a pedestal mount, rather than the SGM mount. I like standing, rather than squatting behind a weapon, especially if shooting for fun.

A quad version would be easy, stacked & staggered front to rear.

Posted: Sep. 11 2004, 23:45 ET

I have to confess I'm not familiar with the MPA 971 carbine, and therefore didn't know what you meant in your original reference to it.

That seems like a very practical arrangement. Both cranks are locked onto one common shaft?

Posted: Sep. 12 2004, 09:56 ET

Yes, a single shaft with cranks for left or right handed shooters.