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Forum: Home Gunsmithing
Discussions about general techniques and critiques
Forum: 1911 Specific Home Smithing
discussions about building the perfect 1911
Forum: AR-15 Specific Home Smithing
Building the perfect AR-15 in your garage
Forum: FAL Specific Home Smithing
talk about the FN FAL and how to make one.
Forum: .22 rimfire and related
Formerly the 10-22 forum. Expanded for all rimfire and smallbore discussions and tips.
Forum: Kalashnikov Family Home Smithing
Building your own AK-47, Galil, etc.
Forum: Sig P-228 and variants Specific
All about the Sig P-228 and others like it.
Forum: RCG-50 Project (Pillars Only)
Forum: RCG Gatling Gun Project
Well, we've decided that we're going to design a new gatling gun using a modern feed system and firing a modern cartridge.  We're still nailing down the details.  If you want to participate - step inside.  This forum is only visible to Subscribers and Pillars.
Forum: Tube Guns
Discussions about Suomi, Sten and other totally tubular guns.
Forum: MAGAZINE tinkering/manufacturing
Modifying and building magazines. Hard to find mags. Reworking mags to fit other guns etc...
Forum: Air Guns
Discussiopns and building instructions for Air and propellant powered arms.