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Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 00:04 ET

Bought an older Atlas with all of the accessories and booke EXCEPT the instruction book on what all the little dials and buttons do. Does anyone have one that they could make available to share info from ?

Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 00:10 ET

if you cant find theme else where look in lindsays publications catalogue

its not my fault iff it costs a lot of money after looking in the catalogue

Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 00:17 ET

Do you have any info on their website. Did  a search and could not find one.

Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 00:29 ET

try lindsays technical books  its there

Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 00:49 ET

Lindsay Books
Atlas Press

Could you describe your lathe a little bit more?
I recently got a 12X48 with some accessories for $850
I downloaded some info from Atlas and ordered the book, "How to run a lathe" 1942ed. reprinted by Lindsay.  I'm currently reading through it.

Which dials, and "buttons"?
Perhaps you mean the dials at the handwheels, and the quickchange gear box (if you have that)?

Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 09:55 ET

I just got a 3991 12x36. I could fax a copy of the manual. The best book is the "manual of lathe operations" which I dont have yet.

we will need more info though.


Posted: Aug. 18 2003, 17:36 ET

I have the Manual of Lathe Operations.  What info are you looking for?

-Ed R.

Posted: Aug. 26 2003, 22:26 ET

I have read the South Bend 1942 lathe book. And have another original manual of operation for the machinist that was my grandfathers. Both have lathe tables and tips for cutting and general use and setup. They do not however explain the Atlas 10F that I have. Took me a litle while to figure the lathe out BUT wanted to make sure I was not missing anything. Already printed out the Atlas info from the website, and some other sites. BUT none detail the Atlas 10F. THE INSTRUCTION BOOK is what I was looking for. Like how much the handwheels move the tool bit. How to replace parts. How to adjust anything that needs adjusting. When NOT to engage the leadscrew direction change lever. OOPS. Is kind of like I have driven many types of cars, trucks, and even a HUMVEE. BUT I have not ever rear the manual for the Crown Vic that I drive everyday. Is nice to know the little things that are peculiar to a certain model.

Posted: Aug. 26 2003, 22:54 ET

To answer any questions. I have all other books. Am looking for the actual lathe manual for the Atlas Model 10F   its 10x36. Also wondering if anyone has moved to a larger chuck. I need at least a 6" 4 jaw but was wondering of any drawbacks to going up to a 8" chuck possibly. I know weight would be an issue. More weight means more wear on bearings and stress on motor on startup. But once going will be more stable to chatter. Any other opinions on the subject ?

Posted: Aug. 27 2003, 02:33 ET

As far as "how much the handwheels move the tool bit"...
Use a dial indicator and magnetic base and measure the movement yourself.
Have you tried asking your questions on other websites that cater specifically to machinists?

Posted: Aug. 27 2003, 10:24 ET

Go here.