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Posted: Apr. 2 2004, 14:47 ET

Hi gunsnet has a group buy going on now and I'm wondering how good of a deal this is. The description is below. Is this ammo any good or should I pass on this?THANKS

The ammunition is already made, caliber 7.62x39, steel case, non-corrosive berdan priming, lead core. The cases are green lacquer, the projectiles are copper washed. It is packed in attractive full-color 20 round boxes, two rows of 10 like conventional US rifle ammo, case pack is 1,000 rounds.

The headstamp will read Arsenal USA 7.62x39 122 grn FMJ

The general appearance of the cartridges is identical to Wolf products.

The members will have to give Gloabal Trades a credit card with the order once the group buy is half way thru the G.B., not to be charged until we get the lot sold. At that point we will charge the cards, and ship the container.

We estimate 30 days transit and clearance time.

Lugansk Cartridge Works was the largest supplier of ammo to the Soviet Union. They are a primary supplier of loading tools, machines, and equipment for the Russian cartridge loaders like Wolf. Global Trades are their US partners to get their ammunition introduced into the US.

We will post the images of the boxes and the cartridges when I get them.


Posted: Apr. 2 2004, 15:57 ET

What's the price per 1000 rounds?

Posted: Apr. 3 2004, 00:20 ET

$64 + shipping.

Posted: Apr. 3 2004, 00:52 ET

That seems to be a pretty good price.  But it is the shipping I would be concerned about.  1000 round of AK ammo does have some heft to it.  Do some more research and see just how much.

Posted: Apr. 4 2004, 17:23 ET

I don't even want to look at that group buy, for if I do I'll have to invite people to come visit and dig through the couch for change after they leave again*LoL*