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Main Forums
Subcategory: Roderus Custom Gunworks
Forum: Gunsmithing Tools
Improvised and Commercial jigs, fixtures and Files and other hand tools.
Forum: Your Projects
Tell us about what you're working on.
Forum: Ask a Guru
ask smithing related questions and maybe even get an answer from one of the experts.
Forum: General Discussions
Discuss anything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Forum: Home Machine Shop
discussions about machining and metalworking...
Forum: The Reloading Bench
dicussions on equipment, recipes and other ammo talk
Forum: Product Reviews
Let others know what you like and don't like....
Forum: Gun and Stock Finishes
discuss finishes,bluing,parkerizing etc...
Forum: Hall of Freedom
Showcase for our members projects
Forum: CAD / CAM / CNC
Anything related to Computer Automated Design, Computer Automated Machining, Computer Numeric Control goes here.
Forum: Legal Side
Here is where we talk about legal issues - what's legal, what's not, what are they trying to make illegal, and rarely, what has become legal that wasn't before.  A condition of use of this forum is that you understand and agree that the opinions posted here are not legal advice, and the member making the post is not an attorney (unless stated otherwise).  That said, some members of this community know more about firearms law than most attorneys some even more than ATF.
Forum: Black Powder
Discussions about smoke poles and accessories. Percussion cap, Flint lock etc.
Building The Perfect Piece at Home
Forum: Home Gunsmithing
Discussions about general techniques and critiques
Forum: 1911 Specific Home Smithing
discussions about building the perfect 1911
Forum: AR-15 Specific Home Smithing
Building the perfect AR-15 in your garage
Forum: FAL Specific Home Smithing
talk about the FN FAL and how to make one.
Forum: .22 rimfire and related
Formerly the 10-22 forum. Expanded for all rimfire and smallbore discussions and tips.
Forum: Kalashnikov Family Home Smithing
Building your own AK-47, Galil, etc.
Forum: Sig P-228 and variants Specific
All about the Sig P-228 and others like it.
Forum: RCG-50 Project (Pillars Only)
Forum: RCG Gatling Gun Project
Well, we've decided that we're going to design a new gatling gun using a modern feed system and firing a modern cartridge.  We're still nailing down the details.  If you want to participate - step inside.  This forum is only visible to Subscribers and Pillars.
Forum: Tube Guns
Discussions about Suomi, Sten and other totally tubular guns.
Forum: MAGAZINE tinkering/manufacturing
Modifying and building magazines. Hard to find mags. Reworking mags to fit other guns etc...
Forum: Air Guns
Discussiopns and building instructions for Air and propellant powered arms.
Forum: Newcomers Corner
Orientation, FAQ and help for new members.
Forum: Inactive Members Forum
Welcome back after a long absense. Come in here to get re-activated